Annual memberships are due each September and current membership rates can be seen here:  Judo Ontario offers secured (via SSL) credit card payment.

New Members to Judo Ontario

If you are a NEW member to Judo Ontario it's a two step registration process. You must first register for the Judo Ontario Website by visiting and creating a new profile.  Once you have completed the registration for the Judo Ontario website, The club must review and set your rank in the system.  This may take several days, so please remind us if needed. After the club sets your rank, you must then log-in again and click the button to pay for your annual Judo Ontario membership.

New members (or previously recreational members), a "Black Book" will be sent to the club to give to you. This black book will act as your record book for providing proof of membership to Judo Ontario, promotions, clinics attended, etc. Each year you re-new your membership, you will receive a membership card from Judo Canada.

Existing & Previous Members of Judo Ontario (Since 2008)

If you were previously a member you simply log-in to and click the button to pay for your annual membership.  If you were a member before, but have let your membership lapse for a while, be sure to check to see which club you're registered with and if needed set your club affiliation to the Cambridge YMCA Judo Club in your Judo Ontario profile.

*** IMPORTANT *** 
If you have forgotten your username or password, DO NOT create a new profile in the Judo Ontario system.  If you can't retrieve your username or reset your password, please contact Sensei Chris to ensure the e-mail address in your profile is the correct one.