You betcha! Cambridge Judo Club has a couple of annual social events.

We have a summer picnic/BBQ which is held after regular classes break for the summer. The picnic is usually booked in the spring so you can start looking for the details around the end of May each year. The picnic is for members of all ages and their immediate families. The club supplies the meat and a vegetarian option, however, parents are asked to sign-up to bring other items like a salad, case of water/pop, snacks, etc.

The Senior Judo Class also has an end of the year social outing after the last official class in June (Actually, class is usually ends early to allow for a quick shower before meeting up at the chosen location). The location changes from year to year, but is usually a sports bar in town.

We also have a Holiday Dinner when classes break in December. This is for all members and immediate families and members are responsible for their own bills. The restaurant changes from year to year, but recent venues have been the Mandarin, Kings Buffet, East Side Mario's, and The Keg.

Other events may pop-up throughout the year usually these are fundraisers for our annual tournament the Largey Memorial Shiai. Some of these activities could include bowling, mini-golf, and poker nights (adults only). We're open to suggestions too! Just talk with one of the instructors or Shelly Ronayne our volunteer coordinator.