Absolutely! There are many opportunities throughout the year for members of the Cambridge Judo Club to do judo outside of regular classes, though membership with Judo Ontario is required.

Judo Ontario is the official provincial sports organization responsible for administrating and promoting the sport of Judo in Ontario.

Some of the types of events and activities that are available include:

  • Judo Tournaments - Tournaments are held across Ontario. Competitors are matched by size, age, and belt rank. Minimum grade to compete is yellow belt, though some tournament offer other activities for white and white/yellow belts.
  • Judo Clinics - Experts in certain areas of judo often hold clinics (i.e. ne waza clinic, referee clinic, etc)
  • Judo Camps - Judo camps are run typically through the summer months for kids 18 and under.
  • Special Training Sessions - Judo Ontario High Performance Committee (HPC) runs several training sessions each year for the Provincial coaches to help train and get to know the athletes that will represent Ontario at the National Championships. These sessions are usually open to registered members of Judo Ontario and are generally free of charge