About the Uniform

The proper name for a judo uniform is a "judogi" (with a hard "g"). Both boys and girls wear the same judogi, there are no ladies or mens versions. The difference is girls will wear a white cotton t-shirt under their gi and boys do not.

Gi Colours

The club strongly reccomends that a students first gi should be white. The reason is that white judogis are universially accepted at judo events and other clubs. Blue judogis are strictly for judo tournaments and are not required for entry level tournaments. In fact, it is not permitted for competitors to both wear blue judogis in a match. White and blue are the only official colours permitted at official judo events.

Gi Sizes & Costs

Gi sizes do not follow regular clothing sizes like small and large, they use a number scale with the most common sizes ranging from 0 to 5; the higher the number the bigger the gi. The table on this page provides an approximate size guide and the current price to buy from one from the club. Belts also follow the sizing scheme, however we charge only $10 for any size/colour belt. We do not charge tax.

white judo suit

blue judo suit

Gi Size





0 4'4" to 4'8" up to 80 $60 $75
1 4'8" to 5" 80-95 $65 $80
2 5' to 5'3" 100-115 $70 $85
3 5'3" to 5'5" 110-130 $75 $90
4 5'4" to 5'8" 135-160 $80 $95
5 5'6" to 5'10" 160-190 $85 $100

How to Wear a Judogi