This is a list of the rules of on mat behaviour at the club.
Rules & Expectations
1. Every judoka must wear a belt indicating his/her rank.
2. All judoka will bow when going on to or leaving the mat and to each other at the beginning and end of each practice.
3. Both partners will kneel on one knee while the other fixes his/her judogi while practicing newaza.
4. Personal cleanliness with short finger and toe nails, a clean white or blue regulation judogi are essential.
5. Every instructor or black belt is to be addressed as sensei.
6. Constructive criticism of other judo is the responsibility of the appointed higher rank only.
7. Do not practice while physical or mental condition is affected by liquor, drugs, or emotions.
8. Rings metal/plastic ornaments, chewing gum/candy are safety hazards and are forbidden.
9. While on the mat all judoka must remain alert and attentive and avoid irrelevant conversation, loud talking, boisterous laughter, swearing, and sprawling on the mat.
10. The Judo Code of Sportsmanship requires that less adept judoka in rank or physical condition be protected.
11. No judoka may apply any technique which is beyond either participants rank, except under the direct supervision of a sensei.
12. Misuse of judo inside or outside the club will not be tolerated. Judo is to be used only in practice, officially sanctioned competition, or for self-defense when no other options exist