Club Results from 2011 Asahi Tournament

Congratulations to Issac Mapp, Brendan Ronayne, Brianna Trumble, Alyssa Ronayne, Pedro Melo who represented our club at the 2011 Asahi tournament on the weekend. All our competitors demonstrated good sportsmanship both with losing and winning. We are very proud of all of you!

[list class="bullet-3"][li]Issac placed 2nd[/li][li]Brendan placed 3rd[/li][li]Alyssa placed 3rd[/li][li]Pedro did not place but did win at least one match by ippon[/li][li]Brianna did not compete as there were no other competitors in her division[/li][/list]

Congratulations again!

2011 Junior Nationals to be Webcast

Webcast of 2011 Canadian Junior Judo Nationals - July 1-3, 2011

That's right! This year the Canadian junior national championship tournament is going to be webcast! Tune in and watch two of our very own athletes compete. Alyssa Ronayne and Brianna Trumble are competing at the junior nationals again this year and this time we all get to watch! Please stay tuned to for more details about when they will be competing.

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