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You're never too old! Judo is for everyone from ages 7 to 70+. No Club Fees!

two adults doing judo

Whether you're interested in just getting some exercise or want to be competitive, the senior judo class offers opportunities for both. The class is designed for ages 16+ to learn judo and provide training opportunities for those who are competing.

Advanced members of the junior class may also participate in the senior class with permission from the sensei.

We do not charge any additional fees beyond what you would pay the YMCA for your membership. However, we do ask that all members get registered with Judo Ontario which carries an annual membership fee due every Sept 1st. For information on registering with Judo Ontario check out this article:

How do I register with Judo Ontario

Click here to contact the club for more information.

E-mail List Sign-up

This e-mail list is intended for our club members to receive information regarding class schedule reminders, event notices, and club news.

Judo Introduction

Judo explained -Rules 2017

Judo rules 2017 explained! 🔜 #JudoParis2017

Posted by IJF - International Judo Federation on Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Tying A Judo Belt

Judogi Embroidery

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