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Kids age 7 to 16 learn the skills from novice to advanced. No Club Fees!

Beginner Judo

two small children doing judo

Students within this age group (7 to 16) begin their judo studies in the beginner class on Wednesday nights where the learn the FUNdamentals of judo. They will learn how to fall properly to avoid injury and begin physical fitness and movement development. Students who have been promoted from the beginner judo class or received judo instruction from another recognized judo club may participate in the junior judo classes on both Wednesday AND Friday evenings.

Junior Judo

Kids in the junior class continue learning the FUNdamentals of judo. Athletic abilities, physical fitness, and judo skills are further developed from basic to advanced levels. Using the sempai-kohai philosophy, where advanced students help teach the less advanced, kids will also learn self-confidence, discipline, and respect. More advanced students may also be invited to also attend the senior judo classes for extra training.


We do not charge any additional fees beyond what you would pay the YMCA for your membership. However, we do ask that all members get registered with Judo Ontario which carries an annual membership fee due every Sept 1st. Students are not required to have a judo suit (called "judogi") until they are promoted to the Junior class. Beginners should wear long sleeves and pants and no sharp opjects (zippers, earrings, etc.)


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Tying A Judo Belt

Judogi Embroidery

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